Sunday, April 06, 2008

We Survived TIPP 2008

Well, we made it through another TIPP, and what a week it was! Three (count 'em—three) emergency board meetings, one mini-meltdown, one missing Assistant Director, a swing dancing lesson, a mini-course on websites without internet access (which still got great reviews,) a hotel that is going to the dogs (literally) and a banquet that was worthy of a prime time slot on Comedy Central. (wife phone??—Bill kills me!)

All in all, it was a rockin' good week. There were some tense issues that the board had to deal with, but we remained true to our motto of "never let them see you sweat." The students and instructors didn't suspect a thing, and everything ran beautifully. The talent was top notch and the students were happy—a winning combination. The mini-classes rocked and it was great to see the banquet filled to capacity. TIPP is definitely growing!!

A big wooo-hooo to Becky for keeping us all together. She is an amazing woman and I am honored and privileged to be her sidekick. Thanks to the assistants and to the board members who pitched in and helped whenever they were asked, (and often before they were asked.) Bill and Ed did a great job with the photos and equipment and keeping Frank's place warm until next year. Frank was missed, though. Bill looked really lonely up on the Holiday Inn roof.

I am already looking forward to TIPP 2009!!!


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